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Play Online Browser Games on Kimberlis

Online games

Kimberlis is an online gaming platform in your browser. Games in Kimberlis' catalog are completely online and don't require any installation. You may play these engaging games instantly in your browser.

Supported Devices

Since games in our catalog are executed directly in a web browser, you may play these games on any device: Laptop, Chromebook, PC, Android, iOS Smartphone, or event on a TV. On our catalog page, you may filter games based on a platform type: desktop or mobile.

About Kimberlis

We build a collaborative platform for gamers and game developers, where the former may have fun playing with friends, and the latter may get feedback from players as a source of improvement for their products. We are quite far from our goal but our team works hard every day on the platform improvements.

How to install games from Kimberlis

You don't need to download or install games on your device, you may instantly play it in you browser without installation.