Angry Worms



The online game Angry Worms is a bright example of a snake-like game that will appeal to all fans of the genre. The main goal of the game is to kill other worms with your body and take their mass for yourself. When the enemy crashes into you and loses all his mass, your worm can easily eat it.


Before you start playing, you need to enter your nickname and choose a skin for your worm. Initially, you can choose any of the eighteen colorful and interesting skins. Also in the menu of the game, you can choose the size of the game room: small, medium, or large.

You will compete in the number of kilograms of your worm gained and strive to get into the rating consisting of the ten largest worms. Your task is to get into this rating table.


The interface of the online game Angry Worms is quite simple, you can easily get used to it, since you need to use the mouse or the touch panel of your device to control the worm, and the left or right-click is used to speed him up.


The graphics of the game is typical of a snake game. The color combination is very well chosen, because of this, it looks very interesting.

Learning Curve

The online game Angry Worms is very easy to learn to play. Even if the player has never encountered snake games, she will still quickly get involved in the process.


The game Angry Worms is made in the style of, but unlike the original, it's not multiplayer. You will compete with AI-controlled worms. The worms look angry, from this end the name of the game itself is derived. But they still look very cute. Another difference between this worm game and other games is the completion of various quests. When completing tasks from the quests, you will be able to pump your angry worm. For example, you will be able to get additional legs and scales.


There is no sound in the game, it increases your concentration on the game process.

Gameplay Video Preview

How to play Angry Worms game?

On Desktop, use cursor to direct your worm & left click to boost worm.On Mobile, touch to screen to direct your worm & touch boost icon to boost.

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