Overview is a game designed for those who like playing exciting adventures on a browser without installation on the PC, Mac, or Chromebook.


When you start playing, you go to the playground where you need to play against an opponent team. To take the ball, you need just come across the opponent. If your partner holds the ball, protect him by hitting opponents. Run to the marked section and throw the ball into the basket. Each match lasts 1 minute and 30 seconds. If no one hits enough scores to win the game, the overtime will take place.


You can control your character both with the mouse and with the keys of your board. You need to use only “arrow” keys to make your character move in the necessary direction.


The graphics are quite dynamic here. In addition, you will get special visual effects that will boost the atmosphere of a thrilling match.

Learning Curve

At the very beginning, you will be offered to take an attempt without opponents. Special arrows will show in what direction you should move.


The game follows the .io concept but in this specific case, this concept is represented in an unusual form of sport competition where players are ranked according to the results of their matches.


Except for the usual background music, you will hear the noise from the spectators of the competition. Special sound effects will appear when scoring and hitting the opponent.

Gameplay Video Preview

How to play game?

Drag mouse

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