Cursed Treasure 2



It’s a simple strategy that might be played online on any browser. Mobile gadgets accept it as well. So let’s take a closer look at the development.


Your main goal here is to protect all the gems that are placed in caves on the map. The maximum number of locations containing valuable stones is three. Each cave will have 5 gems and you must keep them safe to complete the level. To do this, you need to build different towers and locate them in appropriate places on the map. They will defend gems and kill everyone who tries to steal them. Keep towers upgraded. You may also cast different spells to destroy enemies

There are different types of towers and they cause different damage to the invaders. To be able to defeat enemies of higher levels, you have to constantly upgrade buildings and create new ones. You will be rewarded with coins. You may use these coins to build towers and cast spells. Controls

The control system doesn’t require any special skills. You just use your mouse and click different buttons. If you need to build a tower, you click on the place where you are going to locate it.


Graphics are worth praying for because they look really good. The unique designs of heroes and buildings, and usable interface make you feel that special adventurous atmosphere.

Learning Curve

This is a strategy game so you will receive detailed explanations about the gameplay, game’s world, items' characteristics, etc.


Cursed Treasure 2 is the second game of the popular franchise. Developers made a few upgrades and tried to keep the features that attracted users to the previous version.


The sound effects are good in terms of boosting the general atmosphere of the game. You will hear engaging background music and other effects that will indicate battles and other actions.

Gameplay Video Preview

How to play Cursed Treasure 2 game?

Use mouse Hotkeys: 1 – build Den 2 – build Crypt 3 – build Temple W – cast Terror spell E – cast Meteor spell Hold Space for 3x speed Enter, Z, X, T – next wave

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