Happy Shark Is a Well-Fed Shark

HappyShark is a simple but exciting game. Grow from a fry into a huge bloodthirsty shark from which all other inhabitants of the deep sea flee in horror. Simple but pleasant 3d graphics, nice relaxing sound, and engaging game mechanic in this multiplayer IO game.


To start playing HappyShark.io you should simply click the “play” button on the ride side of the screen. Here you will also find “customize” buttons, pressing which you will go to the section where you may choose different skins for your baby shark. There are also sound settings on the main page so you can choose whether you want your gaming process to be provided alongside music or sound.

When you start playing you will have your baby shark at the arena that looks like a sea. There are a lot of bulbs on the map, which you have to eat if you want to gain score and increase in size.

HappyShark.io is a multiplayer game so you have to compete against other users. The bigger ones can easily absorb those who are too tiny to get more points. On the right corner of the playing page, you will see a live rating of gamers. It introduces how many scores top players have at the moment of playing.

Do not go over the special borders if you don’t want the game to stop.


The control of the shark doesn’t require any special skills. To move around the area, you have to use your mouse. It will help you to get more bulbs and reach a greater amount of vital scores. If you are chased by the larger shark, you have to try to escape in order not to be eaten. The best way to avoid being eaten is to lose some weight while swimming. To do that, you should tap the spacebar or double-click the mouse. You should see your shark spinning and losing some unnecessary weight increasing in speed. The same works for big participants who want to find a way to eat their potential victims.


As it is used to be in online games, the graphics of HappySharks.io is quite simple but good-looking and attractive. You will quickly notice that it pretends to be a 3d style. There are plenty of colored sharks and thanks to the “customize” section you may change your shark’s appearance with different items.

Learning Curve

HappySharks.io is so easy to play that it doesn’t necessary to spend a lot of time practicing. Your aim is obvious and thanks to the convenient controls you can easily achieve that.


The aim of this game is quite common for other io developments. It seems to be one more way to introduce such hits as Agar.io and Slither.io.


If you don’t want to be disturbed by any sound or music you can easily switch it off. In another case, you will find the music pretty relaxing.

Gameplay Video Preview

How to play HappySharks.IO game?

Mouse to move, Press mouse button to boost

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