Match Arena


Match 3 Arena Overview

This is a modern online game in the style of match-three. You can play it directly in the browser of your smartphone or PC and without downloading! The game instantly launches on your device.

One of the Best Puzzle Games on Kimberlis

Before you start playing, you can choose your avatar and name. The choice of avatars is extensive, but you need to choose carefully, because you can change the avatar only once. The main task during the online game is to swap the multicolored chips so that 3 or more chips come together in one color. It looks quite simple, but you need to apply logic. And in duels with other players, you need to develop your own strategy. If you win a duel, you get a reward.

Controls are Quite Intuitive

The controls in the three-in-a-row Match Arena puzzle are very simple and intuitive for each player. On mobile devices, the control is touch-sensitive and all actions are performed by pressing. On PC, you can control the game using the mouse. The most convenient thing is that this puzzle match3 can be played on Chromebook.

Outstanding Colorful Graphics

The graphics of the Match Arena online game are really amazing! 3D style, bright colors, and beautiful design of characters – it's all about this game

Familia Game Mechanics

It is quite easy! First, you will be given hints about any difficulties during the game, and this greatly simplifies the training. Secondly, the interface is very simple and every player will understand how to use it.

Compete with Opponents

This online game is original in the genre because here you compete with other players for the ranking in the tournament. And also, successfully passing various levels, you travel through the fairy-tale world together with a cute rabbit. You can also make friends right during the game. As well as the installation on your mobile device or PC is not required, this makes Match Arena stand out from other match-3 games.

Relaxing Sound

The game is accompanied by a funny magical sound and it does not interfere with the gameplay at all, but even calms and concentrates!

Gameplay Video Preview

How to play Match Arena game?

- Duel players from around the world in real-time- Explore the whole new world with unlimited plays and no recharging lives- Take on amazing challenges in exciting settings- Enjoy tons of bright and colorful unique levels- Watch your opponent’s play and adjust your strategy in a re-match- Complete quests to open chests with treasures and goodies- Charming piggy-magic accompanies you on your journey!- Fun and unexpected physics and elements: lava, honey, piggy-walk, false gravity

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