My Dolphin Show 7



My dolphin show 7 is a game where you can feel like a trainer of friendly and fun dolphins in a dolphinarium. It is important to perform tricks well on the show so that the audience is not disappointed. And you can also decorate the appearance of your dolphins!


The main goal of the game is that you need to arrange a great and interesting show with dolphins. If it gets boring, the people who came to watch the dolphin show will start to leave. To prevent this, the dolphins need to perform fun tricks. And then the audience will be happy!


Control of the dolphins in the game takes place by means of a computer mouse or touch control of your device. Therefore, it will be convenient to play My dolphin show 7 on a PC and on any other gadget.


Here is a very detailed representation of the dolphins. The characters and the dolphins themselves are very well drawn. The graphics are made in 3D style.

Learning Curve

Learning in My dolphin show is easy and fun! And all because at the beginning of the game there are a lot of good hints and tips.


This game is the seventh from the original My dolphin Show game. New costumes, dolphin species, and even more levels have been added to this game.


During the game, fun music plays, as well as the sounds of splashing water and the sounds of the dolphins themselves are heard during various tricks of the dolphins.

How to play My Dolphin Show 7 game?

please use your mouse to play

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