What is Paper IO 2 Game About

Paper IO 2 is the second version of the popular online game in .IO genre. By default, you are playing a character represented by a small colored square and you have to conquer empty territory and the lands of other players to had over whole the map. If you enjoyed playing Paper IO, you will definitely like Paper 2 IO. To start playing you need just type your preferred name and click the play button. To make it a bit more fun you may choose your skin and change your default square to the head of Batman, Spiderman, unicorn, or you may decide to look like a ladybug or sushi for example.

How to Play

The gameplay is quite simple at the first glance, but it could be tricky to master it. When you join the map, you have a small circle painted in your color. When you leave your territory your tail shows the area which you gonna grab after getting back to your land. It's really important to keep in mind, that you are not safe until you get back to your territory. If ever any opponent touched your tail you are dead and have to start from scratch. The same will happen if you touch your own tail, be careful. Each time you grab some territory you will see the percentage of the map you attached to your holdings. You may see the occupied area on the minimap on the bottom right corner as well. In the top right corner, you have the top five performers of the match and your position if you are outside of this list. When you reach the top you will get a crown icon on top of your avatar emphasizing that you are the best.

How to Win

Don't try to occupy too much territory at once. The longer tail you have the weaker position you are in. I would recommend doing short raids appending small areas, so it will be hard for your opponents to catch your tail. And if someone starts stealing parts of your land, you may lie low close to the border doing short circles and attack whenever your opponent tries to make a too-long slice.

Game Controls

You control your character with a mouse or touch device (touchscreen or touchpad).

Gameplay Video Preview

How to play PAPER.IO 2 game?

Control - mouse and keyboard (WASD / cursor keys).

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