Sugar Heroes


Sugar Heroes is a Sweet and Funny Game

Sugar Heroes are one of those online games where no installation is required. Any user with an internet connection can experience this funny adventure. If you’re fond of playing for fun, try this one.

Extremely Simple Gameplay

You will be introduced to the town that is inhabited by the sweets characters. At every location, you will be offered to complete a mission, which, in fact, is about matching at least 3 symbols of sweets on offered gaming areas that may take different shapes. Matched elements will be removed and a random set of new ones will appear on the screen.

Mouse or Touch Controls

In order to match elements, you need to move them and form the lines. You should use your mouse. Just find out which element should be moved and make a simple move using the mouse. The interface is usable.

Cute Graphics

The graphics are quite cute. Here you will see different characters with unique designs and appearances. Except for that, you will be offered to explore the map of a sugary town. The graphics are animated and this makes the process of playing more vivid and engaging.

Learning Curve

Although the process of playing this instant game is very simple, some users need to be explained what to do. In Sugar Heroes, you will be provided with simple pieces of advice and signs to help you play the game.


This is just one more puzzle to play on Chromebook but you shouldn’t underestimate the game. The concept of match3 is quite common but here you get an interesting world of sweets and an adventurous plot, too!


Music is pretty encouraging and funny here. You will be also provided with special sound effects in case you succeed.

How to play Sugar Heroes game?

Collect all the sweets and save the city!

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