Overview is an online game that is based on a well-known topic. If you are a fan of comics about superheroes, this io game is what you definitely should try!


Here you can wear the attire of your favorite superhero. You start playing as a Captain America. As you click the "play" button your character is dropped to the multiplayer game map where you will see other heroes. You have to remember that everyone in this Universe is your enemy, so you have to try to avoid bigger players. If you are not careful, the game is over.

To become bigger and be able to absorb tinier players, try to gather as many bulbs as you can. They are all located on the map and have different colors that usually correspond to their value. Reaching higher levels, you will notice that you change your character. For example, the second-level hero is Iron Man.


The controls of are pretty simple and don't differ from other free online games. Move your mouse and go around the area avoiding borders. However here you can't simply come across the victim to defeat it, press a special button. If you lack speed, put your weight off.


The graphics are pretty cute as it refers to the very popular characters. Everything is clear and you will easily notice your favorite hero by its appearance.

Learning Curve

Playing io games is very simple to learn as their main aim is not introducing complicated quests, but entertaining. Be sure that here you won't waste any time gaining some gaming skills.

Originality is not an exclusive title as it is similar to many others. However, users like that it refers to the unique characters but not simple snakes or cells.


Sound is what perfectly accomplishes the playing. The music will only encourage you to continue participating.

Gameplay Video Preview

How to play game?

PC: Move mouse to move, click left to attack, click right to speed upMobile: Touch the Virtual Keys

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