Tank Off


What is Tank Off Game About?

Multiplayer Tank-Centric Tactical-Combat Battle Arena Alternate WWII Universe: Extraterrestrials have already made contact, and war machines are powered by stolen Alien Technology!

Tanks Abilities

  • Jump! [SPACE key]
  • Turbo! [SHIFT]
  • Float and Jet through water!
  • Rocket-Propel through the air!


10-Player Rooms Unlock 4 specialized Tanks to attune with your play style. Choose from 4 Maps: Forest, Desert, Bayou, or Military Base (more maps on the way!). Control your monstrous flying war machine to Capture the Flag at rocket-powered velocities. Soar over your enemies and slam your rivals into submission.

Upgrade Attributes: Speed, Turbo Recharge, Reload Speed, Cannon Damage, etc.

Tank Off Game Key Features

  • Choose from 4 iconic tanks, each with its own special strengths – Panzer IV (German), Tiger (German), T-90 (Russian), and Abrams (USA)
  • Upgrade slots for speed, gun damage, gun recharge, shield, shield recharge, turbo, and turbo recharge – tune your own death machine to your playstyle
  • Competitive, Brutal, Fast-Paced Action with up to 12 online players
  • War zones covering desert, riverbank, and military base environments
  • Chat with your team to coordinate tactical maneuvers and strategic role assignments
  • Friendly and Helpful Tank Off Discord Community – learn from the veterans and make friends!

How to play Tank Off game?

WASD or arrow keys to drive the tank. Left-Click to shoot. Right-Click to aim turret. Shift to use Turbo. Space to jump. M to mute audio. Enter to chat. Esc or ~ to open the menu.

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