YORG.io Game Description

Yorg.io is probably the most epic tower defense strategy game where you have to develop your base and defend it from hordes of zombies. There is a day/night cycle in the game, and you will be attacked by zombies and zombie bosses during the night.

There are four resources in the game: crystals, iron, wood, and uranium. Your factories may produce cannonballs, arrows, and lightning bolts out of them.

To be able to protect your base you have to build canons, arrow towers, or lightning towers. To allow them to shoot and kill zombies you should supply them with the required shells. All buildings have to be connected by transporters that deliver crystals, projectiles, or resources required for producing them.

You may click the pause button during the day and take your time for base development, but it's not possible to do it during the night when zombies start attacking you.

How to play YORG.io game?

Start by building your base, and placing crystal mines. If your mines are not connected to your base, place a transporter. To defend your base and survive the night, you will need defensive towers.

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