What is Zombie Hunter.IO Game About?

An addictive and challenging online zombie-killing game. One of the best web games in the .io genre. You will command a squad of professionals ruthlessly destroying crowds of maddened zombies with guns, grenades, rockets, electron guns, and many others.

You will appear on the map together with many other squads aims not only to kill zombie swarms but eliminating all the other opponents.

What are the Main Goals of the Game?

The main goal of the game to be the only survivor in the city.

To grow your team and be able to apply more destructive weapons you have to kill zombies and collect powerups. When you eliminate the opponent's squad, you may collect all his powerups and grow your team faster. More soldiers, more weapons, more chances to win the game.

Game Controls

The game controls are pretty simple. Use the WASD or arrow keys on the keyboard to control the character's movement. Press F to boost speed.

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