Zumba Mania


Zumba Mania Game Overview

Zumba Mania is developed for those who like playing online games with no download. It’s an entertaining arcade where your main aim is shooting marble balls. Keep reading and explore more about this development.

Enjoy the Classic of Arcade Games

Zumba Mania introduces to you an area where the creature in the form of a frog is situated. On one side of the screen, you have a hole, from which the chain of marble balls starts rolling out. On the other side of the field, you have another hole. Your aim is not to let the chain reach the second hole. To do that, you need to shoot the balls from your character's mouth. The balls must be matched by color or you will get into trouble. There are 60 levels and each level will be rated by 1 or 3 stars.

Intuitive Controls

It’s a game you can play on Chromebook. To shoot the right balls, you need to move your mouse. It’s the only way to control the frog and decrease the number of pieces in a chain. Colorful Jungle Style Graphics The graphics are quite outstanding. It’s performed in the jungle style. The color pallet is bright. The interface buttons are optimized following the general settings so that you won’t be disturbed.

Learning Curve

That’s a pity, but there was no tutorial represented. You should figure out how it works on your own. Thus, it might be confusing for beginners. Luckily, you can find a little piece of information by clicking the “i” button on the menu.


Zumba Mania is a modern interpretation of Zuma, which was popular a few years ago. The thing is that Zumba Mania doesn’t require installation and may be played from a PC or mobile device.

Hypnotic Music

The sound is what you will like because it performs a kind of hypnotic effect. It will make you play longer and you won’t regret it!

Gameplay Video Preview

How to play Zumba Mania game?

Tap to shoot. Match 3 or more same-colored marbles to eliminate them. Destroy all marbles in the chain before it hits the end. Tap the frog to swap between the current and next marble. Use power-ups to clear the board faster.

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